Helping The Helpers

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Keycloaking, developing and maintaining multiple microservices

During the Covid pandemic, many non-profit counselling services could not offer face-to-face help as usual. Hence, the customer is helping two major German charity organizations to build an online consulting platform for those in dire need of personal support. On the platform, you can register anonymously for help on a broad range of issues, such as family related problems, migration, old age and loneliness, all kinds of sicknesses etc. You can then start a chat with a professional consultant and arrange voice or video chat meetings for further support, if needed.

Challenges 🔗

  • Complex and highly secure service ecosystem
  • High awareness for data privacy
  • Encryption
  • Keycloak

My Contribution 🔗

  • Developing a Keycloak extension for customized two-factor-authentication
  • Upgrading Keycloak to new Quarkus based distribution
  • Developing and maintaining multiple microservices